A "BetterU" Starts Here! - 02/15/13

Each Spring I embark on some kind of personal renewal.  Some years its a fresh outlook on an old problem, other years its a new wardrobe.  This year, Im blogging as part of the BetterU program from the American Heart Association.  Each week I will post some of what Im working on to create a healthier future for myself.

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the number one killer of women in America. One in three women will develop some form of heart disease in her lifetime"thats not a hopeful statistic!  Even scarier is that often women having a heart attack dont know its happening and then wait far too long before getting help!  That can lead to a debilitating condition, even death.

My purpose in sharing these facts isnt to scare you (ok, maybe a little!).  Mostly, its to inspire you to make a change this week that will lead to a healthier future.  It doesnt have to be drastic (no marathon workout sessions or pledges to NEVER eat salt again). It does have to be something you can live with, something sustainable that, over time, will add up to a big change.

This week, Im pledging to figure out why I sometimes dont put my health first"and then I'm going to blast through my excuses!  I want to start on the inside before adding exercise and diet goals.  I know myself and I know that unless change starts on the inside, the chances of making that change permanent will fail.  Im not unlike many of you.  Im a woman, I work, I have a family and Im at the end of my rope some days.

Thats why I like what BetterU has to offer"a chance to press an internal restart button and tackle the things that need tuning with my health.  The website is easy to navigate, its bright and encouraging and, best of all, you can connect with other women who are doing the same thing. Now, I wont promise something I cant deliver.  You wont see me pledging to lose 50 pounds in 6 months.  Been there, done that!  Each week, you will read what Im working to change about my habits. I hope youll join me on this journey.  The 12 week online program is free.  Please start today, cmon girl!!!

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