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Flood warning now in effect for Wyoming, & Genesee Counties through late Monday. Snowfall from early this week combined with rainfall and warmer temperatures will result in flooding issues over the next 48 hours.

High Wind Watch in effect Monday November 24 for Monroe, Orleans, Genesee, & Wyoming Counties. Winds Gusts may exceed 50 mph.

BetterU Woops! - 04/29/13

It happens to the best of us, doesnt it?  We start off on a new venture with all the best of intentions. We get our ducks in a row and then"POOF"just like that"the train goes off the rails.  Thats what happened to me in the midst of my efforts to make positive changes on the BetterU program from the American Heart Association.  Somewhere along the way I got distracted.  Life got in the way of my goals. I think it happened sometime during the two nasty colds I got this winter.  I lost my energy (and my voice!) and spent a lot of time sitting on my couch, drinking tea and eating chicken noodle soup. Its only now that I feel back to normal. And thats good, because Ive got even more motivation now that spring is here. Ive got plenty of spring cleaning, inside and outside, to keep my heart rate up. I love springs healthy dishes featuring lots of vegetables and fruits.  So, hang in there with me as I launch head first into Week 6.  I vowed to be honest about this whole venture, so I hope you can learn from my mistakes and keep going yourself. Just because youve strayed doesnt mean you make it to the finish line!  But the truth is, there is no finish line"theres only the race.  So keep moving!!

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