Keep On Movin! - 03/03/13

Its Week 3 of my BetterU Program and so far, so good.  Last week I focused on getting more exerciseI say focused but I didnt do so well.  I walked on my treadmill twice"not the four times I had promised myself. Im not going to beat myself up, though.  Whats that saying?  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step? Something like that.

This week, Im going to add more exercise and start tracking my progress. Research shows women who track their eating and physical activity are more successful at improving their habits. If youre like me, you may already carry a small notebook in your purse (in my case, a reporters notebook).  However, Im a dinosaur in this regard.  Many of you have a Blackberry or iPhone so you can track your progress on those. The goal is to find a logging system that works for you and then actually keep track!

One of the things I love about BetterU is that exercise is defined as any physical activity. So, although I didnt hit the treadmill as much last week, doing laundry counts and so does any other household chore.  And Ive got plenty to do!  Spring is right around the corner and Im going to take advantage of my long list. Im going to make sure to count those minutes reaching for dust bunnies on the tops of my windows as exercise!

Another thing Im trying to change is what I eat. Ive tried to avoid this, since I love food, but the truth is I have to face it.  I especially love eating out.  A dinner at my favorite Indian restaurant, Chinese on Saturdays, an occasional pizza night"its all good. Except that its not. All three choices can be loaded with fat. Thats why Im glad the BetterU site has a useful list of popular food choices with corresponding healthier choices. Case and point:  I love egg rolls but theyre deep fried so a healthier choice is steamed dumplings which I love, too.  Problem solved!  Swapping out is a good practice since eating bowls full of baby carrots aint my thang!

Ive got a hot stone massage on my radar as a treat for keeping on track.  But theres another treat Im excited about.  BetterU is offering its users a free romance novel e-book download. Even if you dont have an e-reader you can download a PDF. Plus, Ill get access to a second e-book when I reach BetterU week 7.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I love nothing more than to dive into a book, so this is a great incentive!  And again, BetterU and the book downloads are FREE!

So, whatcha gonna do? Ill bet you already know!

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