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Weather Alert

Flood Warning & Flood Advisory

A Flood Warning for urban and small streams has been issued for portions of Wayne County until 11:00 PM.

A Flood Advisory is also posted for urban and small stream flooding in north central Monroe County until 11:45 PM.

How hot has this summer been in Rochester? - 08/04/12

At times July produced some very hot weather. The highest temperature was 97 recorded on July 17th and the entire month had an average temperature of 74.5. That average temperature will likely be the 10th warmest July in recorded history for Rochester. Examining records using hourly and daily temperatures in 59 hub cities dating back to 1950 shows the US, as a whole, has also been extremely hot. Early indications show that this summer season is expected to be on the list of the top 3 hottest summers in the past 60 years. Any heat wave or drought is cumulative so the hot July follows a warmer than average June, which follows record temperatures from the spring season. For many cites the month of August is coming in dangerously hot with only sporadic rainfall. Early this week Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma came close to all-time record high temperatures. At least for now this is not a meteorological recipe for relief.

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