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Lake Effect Snow Advisory

Lake effect snow Advisory for Wayne County through 7 PM Friday. Expect 4-7" in the most persistant bands.

Where is the official Rochester weather measured? - 07/21/12

After our record high temperature this past Tuesday when we reached 97, the question was raised as to where the official temperature was measured before the Rochester Airport. All official weather measurements before 1929 were taken in downtown Rochester. The city of Rochester was selected as one of the first fifteen reporting stations in the U.S. by President Grant in 1870. On October 12, 1870 the first official measurement was taken at the Reynolds Arcade Building downtown. By late 1871 it moved to the Powers Building on the top floor. At the time, this was the citys tallest building. On February 2nd, 1891 the weather station was moved to the Government Building on the corner of Church and Fitzhugh Street. The station stayed at this location for nearly 50 years. In 1929, the Rochester Airport opened but official measurements were not conducted there until 1940. Since 1940 the official measure has been at the Greater Rochester International Airport.

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