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Bright Spot: Avrie's Fight

Updated: Tuesday, May 13 2014, 06:33 PM EDT

This Bright Spot shines on “Avrie’s Fight.”

Avrie Sinesiou, 7, has been battling leukemia for the past three years.

To show their support, students and teachers in the Irondequoit School District were decked out in orange last week. Orange is the color for leukemia and orange ribbons are now on trees all around town. T-Shirts and bracelets were also sold, and proceeds go towards medical costs.

Kate Gramlich-Sinesiou, Avrie’s mom, told 13WHAM News that the support from the community has been amazing:

"Her daisy troop put ribbons up. They went door to door, asking if they could put ribbons up for their friend who has leukemia,” said Gramlich-Sinesiou. “Of course everybody said yes and our street is lined, the schools are lined, everywhere I turn there are more ribbons. I'm speechless. Absolutely speechless about what everybody is doing. We can in no way thank them individually, but I want everyone to know how much it means to us, the support, there's no way we could get by without it.”

Avrie’s family is holding a fundraiser on June 1. Click here for the “Prayers4Avrie” Facebook page.

Bright Spot: Avrie's Fight

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