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Bright Spot: burn center fundraiser

Updated: Thursday, August 21 2014, 06:42 PM EDT

Thursday’s Bright Spot shines on a former pro-baseball player that is swinging for the fences to help burn victims.

Matt Dryer, a pitcher, burned his right arm badly in a grease fire and he was taken to UR medicine’s Kessler Burn Center.

After two weeks at Kessler, and undergoing a skin graft operation, Dryer is back at the helm of his company, Matt Dryer Diamond Pro Baseball.

Now he wants to give back to the place that helped him recover.

"My experience was so phenomenal that about halfway through my stay here, at the burn center, I wanted to give back and do something and give back and raise more awareness for the burn center," says Dryer. "My overall experience, from going from something so negative to positive, was phenomenal."

Dryer worked with The Red Wings to come up with a fundraiser.

He will be at Frontier Field Friday for “Let’s back one for burn victims!” a homerun derby.

Local batters will get the chance to see how many homeruns they can hit.

All proceeds will go to the Kessler Burn Center.

Bright Spot: burn center fundraiser

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