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Bright Spot: Wegmans retiree had 54 years with company

Updated: Thursday, October 17 2013, 08:51 PM EDT

Gates, N.Y. - Muffie Agostinelli grew up loving cash registers and playing store. So she said it's only fitting she spent 54 years of her life working for Wegmans.

She retired in August as one of the longest-serving employees.

Muffie started at the old Hudson Avenue Wegmans but worked at many stores and in different departments.

She found her niche in the Dairy Department, where she was promoted to Dairy Specialist, overseeing the area to make sure shelves and cases were adequately stocked and placed.

She knew the late Robert Wegman, who started the grocery chain and said he always gave her a hug when he came in the store.

She spent several years at the store in the Hudson-Titus Plaza. That's where she was given a big party for her retirement. Danny and Colleen Wegman stopped in the store to giver her hugs and top executives attended the party including another long-time Wegmans employee, Consumer Advocate Mary Ellen Burris.

Muffie received 54 roses, a buffet, including shrimp, cards, banners and a huge card with the number ten on it and a Yankees emblem. She's a huge fan and ten was her employee number when she started in May of 1959.

She has things to do at home but said if she could, she would have spent another 50 years at Wegmans. Muffie said it is a great company and family oriented. She still shops at the store in Gates and will go back to her old store to visit her friends and customers.

Bright Spot: Wegmans retiree had 54 years with company

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