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Last Update on July 31, 2014 07:09 GMT


NEW YORK (AP) -- "The Big Bang Theory" is being delayed by a fight over big bucks. The first day of production was postponed because of a contract dispute. The Hollywood Reporter says Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki currently make $325,000 per episode. They're negotiating as a group and want salary increases to as high as $1 million per episode as well as a cut of the back-end profits. Contract disputes are common on long-running TV shows.


LONDON (AP -- Zoe Saldana likes it when she has a bit of bad in her. Saldana plays Gamora in "Guardians of the Galaxy." She's an anti-hero who later becomes a hero. Saldana says it's "a better arc" when a character starts off one way and ends up another. Guardians of the Galaxy opens tomorrow.


<<CUT ..004 (07/31/14)>> 00:15 "all the time"

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana says it was fun doing her own stunts and it was also a good example for young women.

<<CUT ..005 (07/31/14)>> 00:10 "a better arc"

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana says it's more fun to play someone who's not all good.

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NEW YORK (AP) -- Jimmy Fallon jokes his wife is going to kill him. On last night's "Tonight Show" Fallon put his head between Heidi Klum's legs. They were doing an acrobatic stunt, a head-to-heels roll forming a human wheel. They started with Fallon lying on a mat with Klum standing astride over his head. Fallon promised not to peek up her dress. Klum said the only thing to see up there was the transmitter to her wireless mic. After they finished their roll, Klum told Fallon they were going to do it German-style. They did another series of rolls, this time belly-to-belly.


<<CUT ..006 (07/31/14)>> 00:11 "OK, I peeked"

Jimmy Fallon and Heidi Klum

Jimmy Fallon promises Heidi Klum he won't look under her dress as they do a head-to-heels roll, forming a human wheel. COURTESY: NBC's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" ((mandatory on-air credit))

<<CUT ..007 (07/31/14)>> 00:08 "1, 2, 3 (screams)"

Heidi Klum and Jimmy Fallon

Heidi Klum tells Jimmy Fallon the only thing to see under her dress is the transmitter for her wireless mic. COURTESY: NBC's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" ((mandatory on-air credit))

<<CUT ..008 (07/31/14)>> 00:05 "lay down, OK (laughs)"

Heidi Klum and Jimmy Fallon

Heidi Klum and Jimmy Fallon do a second series of rolls, this time belly-to-belly. COURTESY: NBC's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" ((mandatory on-air credit))

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NEW YORK (AP) -- Sarah Drew has something in common with April. They're both pregnant. Her publicist tells that Drew is expecting her second child with her husband Peter Landfer. She's due in December. They also have a two and a-half year old son Micah. Drew's character April revealed she was pregnant in the season finale of "Grey's Anatomy."


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Jim Gaffigan's getting his own show on TV Land. Ten episodes of "The Gaffigan Show" have been ordered. The show will be about his life as a standup comic who eats too much. Kind of like his autobiography, which is called "Dad is Fat." Gaffigan says he's thrilled to get his own show, but he's probably most excited about the food they'll serve on set.

Entertainment History

July 31, 2014 07:09 GMT

On July 31st, 1928, Leo the Lion roared for the first time at the beginning of MGM's first talking picture, "White Shadows in the South Seas."

In 1964, country star Jim Reeves died when the plane he was piloting crashed near Nashville. His pianist, Dean Manuel, also was killed.

Also in 1964, a Rolling Stones concert in Belfast was stopped after only 12 minutes because of rioting fans.

In 1970, Chet Huntley said "Good night, David," for the last time to David Brinkley. Huntley retired from the NBC "Nightly News" after 15 years.

In 1971, James Taylor reached the top of the Billboard pop chart with "You've Got A Friend."

In 1987, a judge in San Francisco ruled that soul singer Dave Prater and his new partner Sam Daniels could not bill themselves as Sam and Dave. The original Sam and Dave -- with Sam Moore -- had a string of hits including "Soul Man" and "Hold On, I'm Coming."

In 1990, Zsa Zsa Gabor was released from jail in El Segundo, California, after serving a 72-hour sentence for slapping a Beverly Hills police officer.

In 1991, Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson was given six months probation for spitting on a customer in a 7-Eleven store in Denver.

In 1996, Aerosmith fired longtime manager Tim Collins, who later hinted that the band was back on drugs.

In 1998, actor Gary Coleman turned himself in to police after allegedly punching a female fan who asked for his autograph.

In 2013, "Glee" actor Corey Monteith was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver. He had overdosed on heroin and alcohol. He was 31.

Today's Birthdays: Actor Don Murray is 85. Actor Geoffrey Lewis is 79. Actress Susan Flannery ("Bold and the Beautiful") is 75. Singer Lobo is 71. Singer Gary Lewis of Gary Lewis and the Playboys is 69. Actor Michael Biehn is 58. Singer-guitarist Daniel Ash (Love and Rockets, Bauhaus) is 57. Drummer Bill Berry (R.E.M.) is 56. Actor Wesley Snipes is 52. Country singer Chad Brock is 51. Musician Fatboy Slim is 51. Guitarist Jim Corr of The Corrs is 50. "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling is 49. Actor Dean Cain ("Lois and Clark") is 48. Actress Eve Best ("Nurse Jackie") is 43. Actor Robert Telfer ("Saved By The Bell") is 37. Country singer Zac Brown is 36. Actor B.J. Novak ("The Office") is 35. Actor Eric Lively is 33. Country singer Blaire Stroud (3 of Hearts) is 31. Singer Shannon Curfman is 29. Actor Rico Rodriguez ("Modern Family") is 16.

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