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Live painter on stage with Lou Gramm

Updated: Monday, June 23 2014, 10:28 AM EDT

Rochester, N.Y. - A big show Saturday night at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival was the Lou Gramm Band.

He and the band played hit songs like "Juke Box Hero" and "I Want To Know What Love Is."  Sharing the stage with them - an artist furiously working a paint brush.

"I've done large paintings but nothing like this before," live performance artist Eric Waugh told 13WHAM.

Waugh painted a Lou Gramm-Wegmans inspired painting on five canvases 5 ft high by 25 ft wide on Saturday night in just over an hour.

Waugh has 25 years of experience from Montreal. He has been painting live on the stage with musicians for ten years, including Nelly Furtado.

Much time and care have gone into these projects. For Gramm's show, he put in a month's time of preparation, choosing paints and training to finish the painting within a short period of time.

"One of the biggest things involved was just my stamina to do the painting in an hour and fifteen minutes," said Waugh. "For the past three weeks I've been eating nothing but, believe it or not, vegetables."

Gramm said, "We sent him a live CD of our show, so he was practicing painting it so he can get the timing down to be finished when we were finished."

His five canvasses will be auctioned off at the jazz festival to the highest bidder for charity. They are displayed at the Wegmans Veggies tent.

Waugh says being on stage with Gramm is a dream come true.

"Lou was a really big hero of mine. Back in my teenage years I was a lead singer in a band and we were playing all his songs," said Waugh.

Live painter on stage with Lou Gramm

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