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Rochester Jazz Festival final touches

Updated: Friday, June 20 2014, 07:31 AM EDT

by Jennifer Lee

Rochester, N.Y. - Final preparations are underway for this year's Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival.

Beginning Friday, more than a 1,200 musicians will be performing, with tens of thousands more listening.

"Today [Wednesday] is really the finalization day and probably just some finishing touches of all the venues," said Marc Iacona, Executive Director and Co-producer of the Xerox International Jazz Festival.

With the exception of a few, concert stages and tents are up and ready to go. This year, there will be more than 300 concerts.

"It's a process," said John Marshall with Hank Parker's Party & Tent Rentals. "You've got to build the floor, and then do the tent and there's everything that goes in the tent."

This is Marshall's third year working the music festival.

With 195,000 attendees last year, he told 13WHAM safety is his team's top priority.

"Just knowing that my hard work went into setting up the event, and everyone is enjoying it and everything is safe and great," said Marshall of what he enjoys most about his job.

Eastman School of Music student Julia Egan is also looking forward to the festival. She said, "It's such a gift to have a festival like this right here. There are all different kinds of jazz. It's not one specific kind of music."

Gibbs St, also known as Jazz St during the festival, is already closed. East Ave, Chestnut and Main Streets will also be closed off periodically until the end of the festival June 28.

"It's like before the big game, or it's like the horse that's going for the Triple Crown. We're in the gate and ready to go. We want to get this thing started and it comes down to we're here, we're ready to start and hopefully the weather is great," said Iacona.

Rochester Jazz Festival final touches

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