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The future of jazz

Updated: Monday, June 23 2014, 12:26 AM EDT

Rochester, N.Y. - It was a beautiful third day at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival.

Thousands of people will march through Jazz St this week, including young music lovers.

The Brubeck Brothers Quartet performed Sunday night.

Dave Brubeck passed his love of jazz to his sons Chris and Dan inspiring them to embrace the old while creating new sounds.

"We kind of got it through osmosis and I think kids now get it through schooling and sort of this digital process," said Dan Brubeck.

The brothers grew up in a different time, when musical mentors invited them to play at various jazz venues. It gave them the experience to build their confidence in music.

They've noticed in more recent years, young musicians have come to rely on other avenues like YouTube and social media.

Chris Brubeck said, "One of the keys to this is unfortunately the public school system and arts underfunding. There are still great jazz players but maybe we're losing 30 kids because of the one who pokes through somehow."

But this week at the Rochester International Jazz Festival, the youth are showing their passion on the stage.

Bakari Smith, 18, has played the saxophone for nine years and said jazz will never disappear. "It can touch rock, it can touch your Latin, your gospel, it's everywhere. I think through that it can reach such a large audience."

Jules Estrin is the musical director for the JazzFM Youth Big Band that performed Sunday night on Jazz St.

He said, "For these kids it comes naturally, for instance, they love to play together in this environment where they're all together, like-minded kids."

It's this love and camaraderie through jazz the Brubeck Brothers hope will carry on.

Chris sent this message to aspiring musicians. "Don't do it because you want to get rich, do it because you love jazz and you can't imagine life without it."

You can support the youth playing at the jazz festival everyday this week. High school bands throughout Monroe county will perform live on Jazz St everyday.

The future of jazz

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