Bright Spot: Rochester's Golden Girls

Don Alhart met the Golden Girls of Rochester at JFK airport.

After escaping the weather's wrath over the past two weeks, Don Alhart encountered a slight delay in returning to Rochester.

And it was the shared hours at JFK airport that introduced him to Rochester's Golden Girls.

Three of them knew Alhart, one had no idea who he was, and they all took a moment to share a greeting.

Anna Mirabella said "Well we're the Golden Girls because we go to Florida every year for six weeks and we've been doing this for long long time."

"I didn't recognize this handsome man, but I know him now," said Sara Attoma.

"We're glad we're heading home, it's about time," said Mary Tomasella.

Rosetta Belli says "Hey Don, honey, you're so handsome, I love you, I watch you every day, and your wife is gorgeous."

So our bright spot shines on the Golden Girls.

Thanks for sharing a fun time at JFK.

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