Bright Spot: West Henrietta Cup Challenge

(Photo: John McClintock)

Thursday’s Bright Spot shines on the Battle of the Best!

The track was buzzing at Pole Position Raceway at Marketplace Mall Wednesday night. Neighbors from the Dorschel and Garber car dealerships took to the track for the West Henrietta Cup Challenge – and all for a good cause.

“They reduce the price for our employees to come, and in turn, $8 of every ticket sale could go to the United Way,” said Kevin Parker of Garber Automotive. “And then Rick (Dorschel) and I had a little bet, and his drivers were faster. So we made a donation to the capital campaign for the United Way. So really, the United Way is the one who won tonight!”

Lap by lap, it was a chance for dealership employees to get behind the wheel.

“For them to be able to show their skills in front of their coworkers, means a lot,” said Rick Dorschel. “And for the United Way to come away with a thousand dollars is even better.”

That thousand was the little side bet and, as mentioned, the folks from Dorschel walked away with the honors. But our Bright Spot shines on the dealers and the raceway for making the United Way the real winners.

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