Beating the heat on Jazz Street

With temperatures rising, people are finding new ways to keep cool on Jazz Street this year.

Rochester, N.Y. -- The sign on Jazz Street reads "Cool Jazz," but the temperatures Sunday were anything but.

"It's summer time," said Michael Donlon. "You're around great people, great music. It's a small price to pay if you're a little uncomfortable with a little humidity, but it's exciting to be here."

Donlon was out in the early afternoon, waiting for the music to start. He and friend Michael Tenebruso grabbed two seats in the sun to enjoy.

"A couple of people just took a couple of chairs here and went to the cool side of the street," said Tenebruso.

Those on "the cool side of the street" still made sure they had plenty to drink to keep themselves cool. New this year is a water refill station to help.

"At these events, sometimes you can't find water or it's $3 a bottle," said Michel Krawzcyk. "Having something where people can refill it is great."

Krawzcyk said it's also nice keeping the bottles out of the landfills.

Water to refills bottles throughout the week is thanks to Xerox and the Nature Conservancy. You can buy a bottle from them for $2, or bring your own. And the best part?

"Free water, I said that's a great idea," said Travis Ely. "It's what, 90 plus? So come and get some free water and cool down."

The free water helps people stay cool while they're out there enjoying the music, but you won't hear them complain about the heat or the sunshine.

"We suffer through those winters. Rochesterians are hardy people, so we deserve this weather. I'm going to enjoy this," said Tenebruso.

The free water will be available here on Jazz Street throughout the rest of the festival.

For a complete line up of the rest of the show, click here.

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