Many Voices, Many Visions, 'Cold Can't Stop Us/"Embrace" Documentary

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This week on the show, there's a push to get kids to come to school in the City School District even when it's cold.

There are kids who miss class when the temperatures dip and school leaders want parents to know how important it is to get their kids to school no matter the weather.

The "Cold Can't Stop Us" campaign is using incentives to encourage families to have a plan for their kids getting to school each day. We'll learn what those efforts are and take a look at some of the reasons attendance lags this time of year.

Plus, a local organization is hosting the showing of a documentary called "Embrace". It deals with the way women are portrayed in the media and what can be done to get women to stop being their own worst enemy.

The film is being shown at the Little Theatre on March 9th and, afterward, there will be a panel discussion of local women. We'll hear from the Vice President of the Rochester Media Association and local boudoir photographer Natalie Sinisgalli.

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