Terri L. Monacelli - Administrator

I have a strong passion for helping people and feel that I have found my niche here at Tender Loving Family Care. It is fulfilling to work with our clients and employees and help make a difference in their lives. We have a wonderful staff here, and strive for customer service that is unmatched in our industry. I previously worked as the Client Care Coordinator, and Assistant Administrator where I have been able to personally connect with our clients as well as their families.

In my new role as Administrator, I am responsible for administrative overseeing of the agencys therapeutic consumer service activities, the overall maintenance and agency operation, and maintaining compliance with federal, state and local codes, regulations and ordinances. I will maintain strong interactions with clients, family members and caregivers to facilitate an unbiased environment. I am thankful to be part of the service that Tender Loving Family Care provides. Recently, I have become a Certified Super Noggin Brain Fitness Instructor and I am very excited about new endeavors that are on the horizon.
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