Ashley Gebbie - Assisted Living Administrator

For Ashley, this field sort of chose itself, as she grew up in a household with her great-grandparents. Being aware of all the medical needs, and all the questions and concerns that came along with caring for loved ones, she decided at a young age to go into nursing. Sincerity is at the core of everything she does in senior care- residents want to know they have someone to turn to, trusting that they have someone that understands all they have let go of in their transition to Fairport Baptist Homes, and throughout their lives.Ashley has used her 9 years experience well, building a remarkable team with individual strengths that make our Assisted Living community successful. What keeps her passionate about what she does is how seniors are able to tell a story! The passion that they put into telling their story makes you feel like you've lived it as well! In her rare moments of spare time, she goes on walks along the canal with the family dog and hosts movie nights with forts and popcorn with her 2 and 8 year olds, creating her own stories.
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