Jeanne Read - Social Worker

Caring for seniors has been a passion, woven into the fabric of Jeanne's life for as long as she can remember. As a child, it was normal for her to visit the ill or isolated, at home or in a senior facility, or to deliver food or provide a ride for someone in need. At the urging of her stepmother, who, as Executive Director of a senior facility, transformed it into a thriving community, Jeanne switched her major from Biology, to focus on a career in Social Work.
She has a real empathy for caregivers, having watched her father struggle to care at home for her stepmother, who died of pancreatic cancer. She also coordinated care long distance for her father, who had Alzheimer's. Across 37 years in senior care, she has always been impressed by the wisdom, resilience, strengths and abilities of seniors, and hopes to be able to guide them, or their caregivers, to information and choices that will enable them to live safely and comfortably as they age. She believes in community, the power of caring for and about others, and that you can never get enough ice cream (her husband, after 26 years at Xerox and Kodak retired to open an ice cream shop in Henrietta - and makes the best homemade ice cream.)
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