Jody Illingworth - Director of Rehabilitation

Jody combined her aptitude for science with her desire to help others and found that Physical Therapy was the perfect fit. In over 10 years caring for seniors, she enjoys the learning process and appreciates that they have so much experience with life and so many wonderful stories to share. Her approach is to learn from them, listen to them, get to know them and guide them through, helping them return to the best functional mobility possible - to enjoy life!

She believes the Fairport Baptist Homes setting provides for close relationships to develop between the residents and therapists. "I believe the gift of "time" is priceless to many of these folks and I am happy to give this to them." Her father was her inspiration, teaching her a strong work ethic and also how to relate and work well with others. Integrity, kindness, ability to listen completely are important to her.
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