What's Going Around for the week of August 28

Here is what's going around for the week of August 28, 2017 (WHAM photo)

It’s time to see What’s Going Around this week.

Dr. Matthew Capuano from UR Medicine Urgent Care in Penfield is treating poison ivy rash.

He says to wear long sleeves, pants and gloves while hiking or gardening. You should avoid three-leaf plants and wash your exposed skin. You should also avoid taking Benadryl and driving.

Dr. David Carlson from UR Medicine Urgent Care in Newark is seeing upset stomachs.

He says the summer “stomach bug” is caused by viruses. The easiest way to prevent it and keep it from spreading is to wash your hands.

What’s Going Around is our way of letting you know what illnesses are out there. Your doctor or healthcare provider can give you the best advice.

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