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First day of ObamaCare

Updated: Tuesday, January 21 2014, 02:06 PM EST

Webster, N.Y. -- Webster’s Urgent Care Now has been preparing for this day for quite some time.

“We’ve already started entering the new plans into our systems,” said Sara Ryan, Officer Manager for Urgent Care Now.

Updating their computer systems began more than a year ago, and is said to be finished.

Today, those enrolled in new health insurance plans created following the Affordable Care Act were able to begin using the coverage.

“It’s a big transition, but to be honest with you, a lot of patients have been calling in advance,” said Ryan. “They know what plans they are going to be using and they want to know if we take it. Patients have been actually been pretty responsible about finding what are “in-network" providers.”

Numerous glitches have plagued the rollout of the federal health care website,, resulting in far lower enrollment numbers than were anticipated. New York is among the states with its own health exchange website, which reports that more than 240,000 people are enrolled in new plans.

“We’ll see what happens if I don’t have any problems in the next two to three times I get on to finish up this paperwork I don’t think I’ll have a problem with it,” said Stephen Gruttadauria, an uninsured local business owner.

He started an application on the state’s health exchange website, but has yet to finish the paperwork.

Urgent Care Now did not have problems processing claims related to newly created health plans on day one, according to an officer manager.

That said, it may be difficult to detect problems related to new health plans, said a manager of a different center.

“It may not be visible to us,” said Janet Williams, Medical Director at Rochester Immediate Care.

The new health plans appear to staff as regular insurance plans, making it difficult to determine what is or is not an ObamaCare plan, according to Williams. 

No such plan was processed by Excelcare on Jefferson Road, according to office staff.

Strong Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department did not experience a busy day on New Year’s, nor were there problems processing new health plans, according to spokesman Mark Michaud.

Over the past two days, Walgreens and Walmart announced that the companies will provide a month supply of medications to those with Affordable Healthcare benefits who have not received identification numbers from their insurance companies, according to statements from both companies.

First day of ObamaCare

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Health Matters

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