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Health Matters

Health Matters

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Some pharmacies offer flu shots before Labor Day

Updated: Wednesday, August 27 2014, 12:02 AM EDT

Rochester, N.Y. - It's not even Labor Day, but you can already see the signs for flu shots.

Some pharmacies are already offering the vaccines.

Wegmans started offering the vaccines August 7.

“According to the CDC, it recommends you getting the flu shot as soon as it becomes available and typically before October; reason being is most flu cases are going to start between October and April and you're going to see it peak around January,” Wegmans pharmacist Jordan Pugliese said.

Pugliese also says, earlier is better because you want to allow at least two weeks for the immunities of the vaccine to kick in.

“It seems a little early but if the shot, or whatever the time the shot is good for, I guess the earlier the better, especially with kids going back to school,” shopper Tammi Griswold said.

With an earlier start, there's some concern over how long the vaccine will last.

Pugliese said, “At this point, according to the CDC, it's good for the whole season, so there's no real concern on it not lasting.”

Pugliese also said the vaccine is designed to protect against various strains.

“The reason you want to get one every season is because the strains are different in the vaccine. So maybe last year's strain is not one that will be prevalent in the community this year, so researchers have found that the strains this year that are in the shot are the ones that will be most common,” said Pugliese.

While the flu shot is not 100% effective, Pugliese says it's still your best defense.

“The best prevention for preventing the flu is getting the flu shot. Not only will it protect you but it will protect others in the community,” said Pugliese.

Most pharmacies offer flu vaccines before county health departments.

A Monroe County spokesperson says their vaccines will be available in September, into October.

Some pharmacies offer flu shots before Labor Day

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