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Made In Our Hometown: Springwater Sprouts

Updated: Thursday, July 11 2013, 01:02 PM EDT

Honeoye Falls, N.Y. - You put them in salad, use them on sandwiches and in stir fries.

Sprouts.  They may be small but they're big business for a company in Honeoye Falls.

Springwater Sprouts is the largest grower of sprouts outside of New York City.

President Bill Nies says the business grew from the seed of an idea 35 years ago.

Nies tells us, "I had seen them out in California, in Monterrey and I tried to grow them out of our house in Greece, New York and sold them to a handful of stores at that time, it was pretty unique at the time."

The idea took root in Rochester and soon customers were coming back for the bean sprouts, broccoli sprouts, and spicy radish sprouts.

All seeds are sanitized before they're sprouted. Each type of sprout requires a different kind of handling; such as broccoli sprouts which are grown in drums and then dipped into a rinse that kills off any microbes and cools off the sprouts so they stay fresh longer.

Ten variety of sprouts are grown and packaged here. They end up on store shelves all over the Northeast and as far south as Washington, DC.

Springwater Sprouts employs 25 people including Bill Nies' mom who still works in the office.

The company producers about 7,000 pounds of sprouts each week.

In addition to the sprouts they grow wheatgrass which is very popular with juicers.

Any excess from production is donated to area farms to feed horses.

Made In Our Hometown: Springwater Sprouts

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