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Kodak Bankruptcy
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Creditors Committee Named For Kodak

Updated: Wednesday, July 10 2013, 10:28 PM EDT
Jan 26, 2011 UPDATE: On Kodak's bankruptcy, from Bloomberg News: an unsecured creditors committee has been named.

Committee members include Walmart, Sony and the pension benefit guaranty corporation 

The committee will represent Eastman Kodak creditors during bankruptcy proceedings.

When Kodak filed for bankruptcy last week, the pension guaranty corporation said it would actively participate to protectpension plans

According to Bloomberg News, Kodak sponsors two traditional pension plans that cover almost 63,000 people. The plans are 86 percent funded, with about $4.9 billion in assets to cover about $5.6 billion in benefits, the pension benefit guaranty corporation said.Creditors Committee Named For Kodak

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