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Kodak Bankruptcy
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Employees' Mood at Kodak

Updated: Thursday, July 11 2013, 03:14 PM EDT

Rochester, N.Y.--For weeks, reports suggested that Eastman Kodak was close to a bankruptcy filing. Early Thursday morning it became real and the hours that followed were some of the toughest for thousands of workers.

13WHAM News spoke with a handful of workers at the company’s State Street headquarters and West Ridge Road office.

"It seemed like it would eventually happen, we just didn't think it would happen today," said Wendy Pinzon, an employee of nearly 33 years.

Aaron Monello said the bankruptcy filing came as no surprise but created a more somber environment.

"It was a little quiet today, there was some discussions going on, we had several meetings," explained Monello.

As the company prepares for restructuring, its new website dedicated to the matter explains plans to continue business, including payments and benefits for current workers.

Employees' Mood at Kodak

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