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Webster Tragedy: Moving on, but not forgetting

Updated: Friday, December 6 2013, 09:44 AM EST

by Patrice Walsh

Webster, N.Y. -- Marge Gascon remembers seeing the flames on Christmas Eve morning and calling 911.

She was worried about her own house catching fire but had no idea of the tragedy yet to unfold.
Her husband Bob was outside flagging down West Webster firefighters when they pulled up to the house on Lake Road. That’s when the first shots rang out, hitting firefighters.

Bob and Marge stayed in their home, not knowing what was happening and never imagining their neighbor was the gunman on a mission to kill firefighters.

They were numb and frightened. Almost a year later, they haven’t forgotten but are trying to move ahead. Marge spoke about this for the first time to 13WHAM News.

“We are looking forward to a new chapter in our lives,” she said.

They are re-building their home on Lake Road in the same spot where they have lived for 42 years. Marge said they never once considered re-locating. She told us: “Never, never, we’ve been here 42 years…my husband grew up along the strip, so this is home.”

The house on the other side of the gunman’s has also been rebuilt and sold to new owners.

Three lots are still for sale. No decision has been made on what to do with the lot where the gunman lived. The charred remains from the fire are still visible, and Gascon would like to see it developed so it isn’t a constant reminder. She and another neighbor are also thinking of buying the lot and sharing it.

She said she never knew her neighbor was capable of such a horrible thing.

Their new home is a tri-level house. It is modern, with large windows and a little more space. But they still have the beautiful view of the Bay behind them and the lake in front of them.

She doesn’t know what they will do to mark the anniversary of the tragedy on Christmas Eve -- but knows it will involve a lot of prayers.

“It’s just a tragedy in so many ways. The firemen who lost their lives. Those that were injured…we still can’t forget what happened, I know when December 24th rolls around, it’s going to be a difficult day for us.”

Webster Tragedy: Moving on, but not forgetting

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