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After son's death, Rochester native talks hospital infections

Updated: Wednesday, December 11 2013, 04:25 PM EST

Greece, N.Y. - If you have ever doubted the importance of washing your hands, consider the story one family shared Wednesday in Unity Hospital in Greece.

Armando Nahum is originally from Rochester, but now lives in Atlanta. Nahum travels the world speaking about hospital-acquired infections.

Over the course of ten months in 2006, three of Nahum's family members became sick from their medical care in three different hospitals in three different states. One had bacterial pneumonia and another got a staph infection.

But the most serious was Nahum's 27-year-old son who, while recovering from a sky-diving accident, picked up an infection in the hospital and died.

Nahum said almost two million people get a hospital acquired infection each year. The best defense is one simple step.

"Just wash [your] hands before and after touching the patient and/or objects in the room," Nahum said. "You can save 40%. 36,000 people is a lot of people."

Nahum went on to say if a medical professional comes into the hospital room and doesn't wash his or her hands - tell them to stop and take that step.

After son's death, Rochester native talks hospital infections

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