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Baxter reflects on time with Greece PD

Updated: Monday, April 28 2014, 01:41 PM EDT

Greece, N.Y. – When Todd Baxter took the job as Greece police chief in 2010, the department’s reputation was as tarnished as it gets.

Merritt Rahn, the previous chief, was on his way to prison for crimes he committed while in charge of the department. He joined a sergeant and another office behind bars. Rahn was indicted, convicted and sentenced to prison time following a highly publicized public corruption trial.

"These guys were in turmoil,” said Baxter. “It was everything that was wrong, that could be wrong in an organization, was occurring here. The officers were kept down, they had a lid upon them, they were led with an iron fist."

Captain Pat Phelan officially becomes Chief Phelan on April 1. Click here to hear from former Police Chief Gerard Phelan on his son’s new position.

Baxter reflects on time with Greece PD

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