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Eyewitness to kitten abuse speaks out

Updated: Thursday, October 10 2013, 08:22 PM EDT

Rochester, N.Y.—Investigators tell 13WHAM they are still looking for the children who threw an 8-week-old kitten against a wall, ultimately resulting in the kitten’s death.

Deldrick Holloway was driving down Lincoln Street near Clifford Avenue when he saw the children hurting the kitten.

Holloway said the children were only about ten-years-old. At first he thought they were merely playing with the kitten.

“Then I see one kid toss the cat, when he toss the cat I said, ‘leave that damn cat alone,’” Holloway told 13WHAM.

Holloway forced the kids to hand over the injured animal, and rushed her to Rochester Animal Services.

The President of Another Chance Pet Rescue, Julie Lafferty, was called in to get help for the little kitten they later named Tobie.

Tobie suffered a broken femur, broken diaphragm and a diaphragmatic hernia, and died Tuesday evening.

“It’s very hard when you do everything to save a life and lose them under sad circumstances,” Lafferty said.

Lafferty says Tobie’s internal injuries were too severe. She says the children who did this will be charged in a family court with a felony.

“They were responsible for murdering this kitten,” she told us.

Find more information on how to help animals like Tobie here.

Eyewitness to kitten abuse speaks out

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