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Grateful amid grief

Updated: Wednesday, February 26 2014, 06:10 PM EST

Rochester, N.Y.—Crystal Vrooman is juggling a lot. Her son died in a mobile home fire on Monday, his grandmother suffered severe burns and is in the hospital and she is making funeral arraingments.

“It is just getting harder,” said Vrooman.

Amid her grief, she is immensely grateful for the outpouring of support her family has received in the wake of their tragedy.

“The idea was basically to support Crystal with the needs of money,” said Theresa Fiorica, a neighbor of Vrooman.

Fiorica began an online fundraiser which has pooled more than $57,000 in money from donors.

“I think it’s amazing, the spport they are receiving with it.”

The money will surpass what is needed for Tyler Doohan’s funeral services.

Doohan’s grandfather and another man also died in the fire.

“It will help with putting everybody to rest and giving Tyler and everybody else the best resting place that we could give them and the rest to get everybody on their feet," said Vrooman.

Funds that remain will go toward a home for Vrooman and Tyler’s siblings.

“What they have right now is not suitable for children,” said Fiorica.

Vrooman says she plans to hire a lawyer in part to address concerns made public over how the money will be spent.

Funeral services for Doohan are not yet final.

Grateful amid grief

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