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O'Flynn Fires Back Over Raise

Updated: Friday, July 12 2013, 03:39 PM EDT

Rochester, N.Y.--Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature have been crying foul over a pay raise for Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn since December, when an amendment raised his pay by about ten percent. A bill was even introduced to rescind his pay from the new $136,700 approved in the county budget back down to the previous sum of $123,030.

"I have no control over the process. They said they didn't like the way it was done, now to come back and say it's not deserved, it's again, a political game," said O’Flynn.

O’Flynn has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 35 years and oversees a staff of 1,200.

An amendment was added by county Republicans during a board meeting late last year. Democrats were frustrated with the last-minute addition and what they consider a lack of vetting.

“Given our current economy, nobody that’s elected should be putting their hand out trying to get some extra money,” said Mike Patterson (D-Rochester), sponsor of the bill to rescind O’Flynn’s pay.

Under the amendment, O’Flynn is scheduled to get another raise in April, but County legislative Majority Leader Anthony Daniele said that won’t happen.

“We have been having constant dialogue with the other side on this issue. Our position is that we are comfortable with what the sheriff’s pay is right now and we have no reason to believe it’s going to change,” said Daniele.

The December amendment reads as follows:

 “ *The Sheriff’s salary is established at the same amount as the District Attorney’s salary which is established by Section 183-a of Judiciary Law of New York State.”

The * references the “Established Salary” of 2012 of $136,700. The section of law referenced ties the D.A.’s salary to that of a Supreme Court Justice, meaning O’Flynn would appear to receive the same amount.

A second raise hinges on the outcome of New York State’s budget.

Monroe County legislators could alter the amendment or state that legislators could vote it down, according to county legislators.

The board is expected to address the proposal to rescind O’Flynn’s raise.

O'Flynn Fires Back Over Raise

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