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Permit to Expire for Occupy Rochester

Updated: Friday, July 12 2013, 03:50 PM EDT

Rochester, N.Y. --- Neither the city nor the Occupy Rochester movement expect any conflicts when a two-month permit expires on Wednesday.

The permit was the result of negotiations between Rochester City Leaders and members of the Occupy Rochester movement.  It was a rare agreement between a municipality and a local Occupy movement and it allowed the protestors to set up a round-the-clock encampment at Washington Square Park.

Now that the permit is set to expire many are wondering what, if any, fallout to expect.

The Occupy Rochester movement has no plans to end its encampment and despite what appears to be dwindling numbers of “round-the-clock participants” in the demonstrations there are plans this week to host three days worth of lectures, discussions, protests, and even a poetry event.

At Rochester City Hall the expiration of the permit is not expected to change the city’s approach to the movement.  That being said, a spokesman for Mayor Tom Richards explained that City Hall does hope to negotiate some sort of end to this 24-7 protest.

"The permit does sunset tomorrow (Wednesday) but there's not going to be anything dramatic that happens so Wednesday we're not going to flush everybody out of there," said Gary Walker, Director of Communications for the City of Rochester. "By Spring this needs to stop and we need to get the park back.  We have a lot of repair to do, we have a lawn to re-seed, we have to get it ready for people to use; for everybody to use throughout the summer season."

On Thursday the outcome of 28 of the City’s initial 32 arrests of Occupy Rochester members in October will likely be determined.  The defendants are due back in front of a City Court judge.

Permit to Expire for Occupy Rochester

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