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RCSD addresses expanded class time

Updated: Thursday, October 10 2013, 08:21 PM EDT

Rochester, N.Y. – Rochester City School District Deputy Superintendent, Anita Murphy calls the expanded classroom time very necessary.

She said it’s something that has been in the works since April.

That's when Murphy said the teacher's union, administration, and parent groups had been working to apply for state grants that would allow the district to expand the school day and how.

Murphy said staff knew the changes were coming.

She said it all came down to a matter of "if and when" the grants were approved.

Murphy said the district was awarded the grants two weeks ago.

Part of this grant was identifying priority schools, with low performance rates, that will participate.

The district said students will notice changes.

They'll have more opportunities such as advanced placement.

“Students will notice that there's more support, academic support and not just academic support, support in things that will engage children. More time to do the things that we know help kids want to stay in school, help kids learn. There are reading clinics, there are more sports this year,” Murphy said.

The district says most of the schedules for arrival and dismissal times have been worked out.

The district says it has been working with the teacher's union to make sure this transition goes over smoothly.

The expanded class times are also voluntary for teachers.

The district also adds that they hope to continue this practice whether they have grants or not.


RCSD addresses expanded class time

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