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Scammer poses as Time Warner tech

Updated: Wednesday, December 11 2013, 05:27 PM EST

Brighton, N.Y.-- "I think he was looking for a quick scam."

Michelle is a single mom. She asked that we protect her identity to protect her family. But she wants to get word out about an older model dark blue pick-up truck and its driver.

He knocked on her door Monday around 3:30pm, wearing a blue T-shirt with "CABLE" in capital letters on the back. He said her cable bill was past due because her credit card had been denied.

"He said if you just give me your credit card right now I can take a payment now and you won't have your service shut off," she said. He added "I have an order to do it right now."

At first she thought it was an accounting mistake. Until she called Time Warner from her cell phone, as he went to his truck.

"She looked at my account and said your account is current. There is no order to disconnect your service, " Michelle said, recalling the conversation. "That's when I thought about it and saw his truck wasn't a Time Warner truck and he wasn't wearing a uniform."

Through the door she confronted the man with this new information. Instead of leaving her Brighton neighborhood he became angry.

"He was getting much more aggressive," Michelle recalled. "He had gone back to his truck to get his ladder and he was yelling to me that I could avoid all of this if I just gave him my credit card."

She relayed the information to the account representative on the phone, and while she was on hold she snapped several photos of the truck. One includes a partial view of the license plate.

"I wanted proof. I had my phone in my hand and I was on hold anyway so I started taking pictures," she explained.

A spokesman for Time Warner says scammers are out there. Scott Pryzwansky offers this reminder to customers. "If they were not expecting a Time Warner Cable rep to come to the door, always request an ID. If you haven't scheduled an appointment call the company to confirm the activity."

Michele says the fake technician had an iPhone equipped with a credit card reader device. Time Warner says technicians do not take credit card payments in the field- they must be phoned in to a customer service rep.

Brighton Police are now investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call 911.

Jane Flasch

Scammer poses as Time Warner tech

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