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Good Samaritan stops erratic driver

Updated: Thursday, August 28 2014, 09:36 AM EDT

Canandaigua, NY  -  The Canandaigua Police Department said a good Samaritan stopped a man driving erratically Wednesday morning.

Police said William Lantier, 58, was driving a Jeep Cherokee drove down Main Street striking cars.

Lantier allegedly caused six hit-and-run crashes, with nine cars that were hit.

One witness decided to follow the man and stop him.

He caught up with the suspect, who he says was all over the road, swerving throughout all four lanes.

When the witness caught up with the suspect, he passed him on Gibson Street, using his vehicle to block the roadway.  

The determined witness then got out of the car to try and get the driver's keys.

Another driver gave him a hammer, which he used to break the suspect's window and take the keys out of the ignition.

"So I saw the opportunity and got behind him, boxed him in, and the other two guys were able to get the keys out and make sure he didn't go anywhere,” said Kevin Anagnos, who helped stop Lantier.

The man driving the Jeep was charged with DWI, reckless endangerment and several other traffic violations. 

Several people suffered minor injuries in the fracas.  

Lantier is facing several charges including leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, leaving the scene of a property damage accident, and passing a red light.

He'll answer the charges in Canandaigua Town Court.

"High speed, erratic driving, he was all over the road. He had blown tire, blown air bags. He was missing the front end of the vehicle. I don't know how it was drivable but he was driving at a very high rate of speed. He was going to hit anything in his way,” said Anagnos.

"We still don't have a concrete explanation for his reasons, or his reasoning for his behavior but we can say it was extremely dangerous and it was dangerous for several minutes and endangered several hundred people as he proceeded southbound into Canandaigua into the downtown area,” said Sergeant Scott Kadien, Canandaigua Police Department.

Good Samaritan stops erratic driver

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