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Wednesday’s national news briefing

Updated: Wednesday, July 2 2014, 06:41 PM EDT

A growing concern this summer travel season is the potential of terror attacks on airplanes bound for the United States using a new generation of bombs.
The Department of Homeland Security ordered new security measures at some airports overseas to meet the threat.
Tighter security checks will soon come to United States’ airports.
New security measures are likely to take effect in the next two weeks.

A Qantas Jumbo Jet, leaving Los Angeles was forced to turn back Tuesday night.
A water pipe burst, about an hour after take-off, sending water down the aisles.
No one was in danger but the captain decided to return in the interests of passenger comfort.

A wildfire in Napa County in California is expanding quickly.

It started Tuesday and forced more than 200 families to evacuate their homes.
The fire is just north of the region’s famed wineries and vineyards.

Twelve people were injured when a food truck exploded in Philadelphia Tuesday afternoon.
Surveillance video from a nearby business captured the explosion.
Police say a propane tank inside the truck exploded
A mother and daughter, working inside the food truck, are in critical condition with burns across most of their bodies.

Wednesday’s national news briefing

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