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Flood Watch / Warning

Flash Flood Warning for Western Genesee and Western Orleans Counties until 3:15 AM.

Flash Flood Warning for eastern Livingston and western Ontario Counties until 4:30 AM.

Flash Flood Warning is also posted for Monroe County until 4:45 AM

Slow moving storms are producing heavy rainfall. Excessive runoff will produce flooding of small creeks, streams and country roads.

Flood Watch continues for all of WNY through 5PM Monday.



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Commissioner of Schools & Council results

Updated: Tuesday, September 10 2013, 11:36 PM EDT

Rochester, N.Y. - Voters in the City of Rochester cast their ballots Tuesday in the Democratic primary for the City Commissioner of Schools, as well as the Rochester City Council seats.

There were ten candidates for the three open positions on the Democratic ballot for the City Commissioner of Schools in November.

There were nine candidates for the five open positions on the Democratic ballot for the Rochester City Council seats in November.

These are the voting results with all districts reporting: 

Winners in red. 

Rochester City Commissioner of Schools:
(3 Open Positions)
• Cynthia Elliot – 17.85%
• Van White – 21.45%
• Jose Cruz – 12.01%
• Liz Hallmark- 8.76%
• Donald Hardaway- 6.97%
• Ernest Flagler -7.71%
• Howard Eagle- 5.47%
• Timothy McCauley- 5.5%
• Candice Lucas- 11.69%
• Ronald Hall – 2.34%

Rochester City Council:
(5 Open Positions)
• Loretta Scott- 19.07%
• Carolee Conklin- 14.03%
• Jackie Ortiz- 13.63%
• Dana Miller- 13.21%
• Matt Haag- 10.12%
• Lisa Jacques- 7.19%
• Ann Lewis- 8.47%
• Marlow Washington- 8.28%
• Anthony Giordano- 5.72%

Commissioner of Schools & Council results

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