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Mayoral candidates respond to poll

Updated: Monday, August 19 2013, 11:18 AM EDT

Rochester, N.Y. -- Registered democrats in the city of Rochester are leaning toward mayoral incumbent Tom Richards as their mayoral candidate.

Fifty-five-percent said if the primary was today Richards would be their choice - 28-percent chose City Council President Lovely Warren.

“You have a number of undecided voters and I think that that is indicative of the fact that we are waging a good campaign,” Lovely Warren. “We are going to keep going door to door and knocking on doors to let people know our message." 

The other 17-percent of voters asked who they would vote for if the primary was today were undecided.

“The real poll is the election, which is the primary that's on the 10th of September, so that's where we're focusing,” said Mayor Tom Richards. “This is good news for us but it's not something that we're taking lightly.”

Whoever wins the primary next month will have to face one more contender come November, Green Party candidate Alex White.

“I don't see much difference between the two of them Warren has voted for 99% of the things Richards has proposed,” said Alex White. “This wasn't a poll about me, not in anyway, and yet 21% of the democratic only respondents thought very favorably of me and I think that speaks very strongly.”

Issues voters were talking about Sunday were the economy and jobs.

“That's up and down as the businesses leave it gets tougher and tougher to keep a positive attitude,” said Rochester resident Jerry Roberts.

When asked if getting suitable employment was possible in Rochester, 20% answered good, 39% said fair and 28% answered poor.

“We need more jobs, Rochester constantly needs more jobs, that seems to me to be the most important thing,” said city resident John Owen.

This Voice of the Voter poll is the result of a partnership between 13WHAM News, The Democrat & Chronicle, WXXI Public Broadcasting, WDKX 103.9FM and YNN.

Mayoral candidates respond to poll

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