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Macedon taxpayers will pay more for fire coverage

Updated: Friday, November 15 2013, 06:13 PM EST

Macedon, N.Y. – A longstanding feud between political leaders in the Town of Macedon and Village of Macedon will soon result in a tax hike for town residents.

The Town of Macedon is severing ties with the Village of Macedon Fire Department and contracting with other departments even though those contracts will cost around $140,000 more than what it’s spending now.

The move has little to do with quality of service and more to do with control.

For years, the Town of Macedon paid the village to provide fire coverage for the southern part of town.

Recently, though, long-simmering hostility between the town and village came to boil when the town asked to have more say in the fire department’s budget.

The two sides then tried to hash out their differences, but those peace talks came to an official close last week when the town signed those contracts.

“Macedon’s village fire department, the cost is fabulous, the coverage is there, so it’s very efficient … so there’s no reason to make a change,” Village of Macedon Mayor Marie Cramer said.

Town leaders say there is a reason: equity.

“The people in (the southern part of town) continue to pay for equipment, but in reality they don’t own anything in the end,” said Town Supervisor Bill Hammond. “We want people to understand they own something.”

One of the departments with which the town contracted was just established and has yet to build a firehouse.

Losing the town’s money puts the future of the village fire department into question.

Cramer says village residents will have difficult decisions to make; decisions that could determine whether the all-volunteer department will continue to operate.

Macedon taxpayers will pay more for fire coverage

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