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Snowplow billing raises questions

Updated: Sunday, July 13 2014, 01:24 PM EDT

Geneseo, N.Y. - A paperwork and billing discrepancy is at the center of a debate revolving around how much the Town of Geneseo has been charging the State of New York to plow state roads.

Village of Geneseo resident Chad Timothy tells 13WHAM News a Geneseo highway department worker told him some town highway employees were allegedly cooking the books to overcharge the state for snow plow removal.

Timothy requested and obtained time sheet and billing paperwork from the Town of Geneseo through a Freedom of Information Act request.

"Paperwork was being forged to the state for plowing state roads," he said. "They were billing for a differrent truck unit number for the work that was actually being done."

According to Timothy, the timesheets show that on at least 14 different occasions between January and March of 2014, the truck numbers on the timesheets do not match up with the truck numbers on the invoices provided to the state.

On those 14 occasions, Timothy says the most expensive truck, truck #9, was written in as the truck that was used, wheras the timesheets showed that truck #4 was actually used. Truck #9 costs approximately $46 more an hour when compared with truck #4,

It's not yet clear which truck was actually used to clear the state roads, but Timothy believes the state may have overpaid for truck #4, which is not as large or as equipped to deal with snow compared to truck #9.

Geneseo Highway Superintendent Larry Levey told 13WHAM News that he does not believe the state was overcharged.

"I think someone is trying to stir up something," he said, referring to the accusations. "I don't see that being an issue."

Levey added that the time card and invoice discrepancies are simple mistakes and that for the most part, the appropriate trucks were used to plow the state roads.

"There's a possibility a different truck was used and a different truck was [written] down," he said, adding that often times the workers often use different trucks throughout the day, causing the discrepancies on the paperwork. "As far as the timecard goes, that's more of a general note, not an official document."

During a brief phone interview with 13WHAM News, Geneseo Town Supervisor Will Wadsworth said that although he has not personally seen the alleged paperwork discrepancies, he stands by Levey's explanation.


Snowplow billing raises questions

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