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Waste Watch: In Medley Centre, $1.5 mill= zero new jobs

Updated: Wednesday, July 10 2013, 02:24 PM EDT

Albany/Irondequoit - A report by the New York State Comptroller says tax breaks given to the Medley Centre in Irondequoit -- netted zero new jobs in 2011.

A state audit shows a lack of evidence that the $1.5 million in tax breaks approved in 2009 had any positive economic impact on the community.
The town's supervisor says the developer needs to do more to prove he's serious about this project.

Irondequoit Town Supervisor Mary Joyce D’aurizio said, "The project is frustrating…we're really disappointed that that project hasn't moved forward the way that we had hoped…but we are confined to that pilot so you know when you look at that period of time when that pilot was signed and what's expected of it…people should be concerned.”
D'Aurizio says plans to put a performance space there are also still on the table.

The developer has been under pressure to turn the former mall into a mixed commercial and residential space.

Waste Watch: In Medley Centre, $1.5 mill= zero new jobs

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