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Astorino: Other states are laughing at us

Updated: Friday, March 7 2014, 02:16 PM EST

East Rochester, N.Y. --In his first trip to Monroe County as a candidate for governor, Rob Astorino covered a plethora of topics from the economy to education and the NY SAFE Act.

“We’ll bring back the sanity to this state,” said Astorino (R). “We’ll bring back the basics to the state, don’t spend more than you have, lets reduce taxes so businesses can come back to New York, expand in New York, stay in New York and families can stay here and not have to leave to go down to wherever.”

Astorino’s message was closely aligned with the video he released earlier in the week which announced his candidacy for governor. The news conference was delivered from Beikirch’s, a gun and ammunition company in East Rochester.

“With Astorino's help, we can take back our state,” said Hans Farnung, CEO and President of Beikirch’s Corporation Inc. Farnung described the need to expand his business in Pennsylvania as the New York SAFE Act, championed by Cuomo, made most of the company’s inventory illegal in New York.

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks spoke in support of Astorino. County GOP Chairman Bill Reilich was not present for the news conference. A message left at Reilich’s office was not immediately returned. 13WHAM News asked Astorino if he was concerned with getting full support of the state’s GOP when other potential candidates such as businessman Donald Trump have expressed interest in a gubernatorial run.

“Right now, I would say most of the county chairs are already on board or will be within the next week you'll hear about that real shortly,” Astorino explained. “The Conservative Party chairman has already endorsed me.”

“I think very shortly you are going to see the entire state, Republicans and Conservatives coalesce quickly because the last thing we want is to not be united and to let someone like Andrew Cuomo walk through the door in November.”

A message left for Cuomo’s campaign spokesman was not immediately returned.

In a radio interview Thursday on WCNY, host Susan Arbetter asked Cuomo about Astorino’s candidacy.

“First I was running against Rick Lazio, then I was running against Steve Levy, then I was running against Carl Paladino,” said Cuomo. “So, I learned. Let them figure out who the Republican candidate is, maybe it’s Mr. Donald Trump who I heard is, he says, he’s running. Maybe It’s Carl Paladino, again, that would be a redux race, Cuomo—Paladino two, in a series. Maybe it’s Mr. Astorino, we’ll see who the Republican candidate ends up being.”

Astorino: Other states are laughing at us

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