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Blue falls in Wolcott

Updated: Thursday, March 6 2014, 07:14 PM EST

Wolcott, N.Y. – There’s an unusual sight to be seen in Wolcott Falls Park. Some of the frozen falls have turned blue.

“My whole life I’ve lived here and have never seen anything to this degree,” said Susie McCracken. “We have kids that play. It’s not natural.”

The blue falls are the talk of the town, and some of what is being said is silly, and some is serious.

“Granted, it’s pretty. It’s a concern,” McCracken said.

Late Thursday afternoon 13WHAM spoke to the state DEC.

According to the DEC, samples were taken from the falls, and preliminary tests show it does not look like the color change is anything that could harm the environment.

The DEC does not know the cause, but think it could be some sort of dye, and possibly a prank, that changed the color of the water.

Blue falls in Wolcott

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