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Cold Weather, Difficult Driving

Updated: Saturday, January 4 2014, 01:04 PM EST

Rochester, N.Y. – The cold proved to be the worst part of this storm.

With the snow cleared off the roads Friday, many drivers thought they could drive normally.
Problem is the salt wasn't working.

Phones started ringing at action towing in Henrietta at before the sun came up on Friday.
“We've been running 26 trucks all day pretty strong,” said Craig Camp of Action Towing.

Trucks responded to everything from accidents, to dead batteries and flat tires.

“We're averaging about 50 calls an hour coming in and we're probably getting about 30 of those done,” said Camp. “I think yesterday we probably stayed on it a lot better but today with such an influx of no starts from the cold really took a toll on a lot of cars in the city.”

The cold also took its toll on the roads.

“Today was crazy out there,” said Mark O’Donnell of the New York State Police. “The amount of accidents either equaled or more than yesterday and I think the problem was because of the lack of snow the roads. [They] appeared to be cleared but they were just iced over and the salt was not affective.”

“We are hopefully tomorrow that the temperatures will rise,” said Lori Maher with the New York State Department of Transportation.

According to Maher, the DOT had a full crew out since the snow started but they couldn’t keep roadways from freezing.

“We did see some icy conditions up on route 104 today. The west bound lanes did close for about 15 minutes this afternoon while we cleared up some accidents and sent some salt trucks back up there but people still need to be aware that the surface is slippery it's still very cold. If we get any additional moisture it's going to freeze immediately you'll have to drive carefully,” Maher said.

Cold Weather, Difficult Driving

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