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Repeat vandal caught on tape

Updated: Wednesday, April 30 2014, 07:42 AM EDT

Rochester, N.Y. -- Fellow business owners want to know who is targeting a South Wedge business and contacted "Your Stories" for help.

Vandals have struck four times in five days, but the last incident was captured by security cameras.

"If somebody got caught that would be amazing. If they had to pay for it, that would be even better," said John Roth, who owns Nathaniel Square Corner Store at the intersection of South Avenue and Alexander Street. Roth has lived in the neighborhood for 10 years and runs two businesses here.

"The South Wedge is the best," he said. "It's where we live and where we work, and there's no other place we'd ever be."

So when someone took out a window in the early morning hours last Thursday, he thought "it was some stupid teenagers or someone coming home from the bar. Something I thought was random until it kept happening," he said.

It happened again and again and again. Security video from the last incident early Monday morning shows it is no random act. You can see a man dressed in dark clothing with his face covered walk directly to the front of the store, then move off to the side. He returned with something in his hand and used two hands to smash it into the front window.

"It seems very deliberate," said Roth.

The bill to fix the damage has gone from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Other merchants who contacted 13WHAM said they hope the images captured on tape will help police capture the person responsible.

"It's very frustrating to say the least, and it's very expensive," said Roth.

Repeat vandal caught on tape

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