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Woman getting car back after 4 months in shop

Updated: Saturday, April 5 2014, 11:53 AM EDT

A Henrietta woman dropped her car off at the dealership for repairs—four months later, it’s still there.

“I’ve been battling four months for answers,” Hillary Jacobs said she has been driven to a point beyond frustration.

In mid-December of 2013 the transmission blew on her 2011 Mercury Mariner. It only had 42,000 miles on it.

That same day she took it to the Cortese dealership where she bought the SUV new two years earlier.

Jacobs said, “Under warranty they were ordering me a new transmission - that was December 17th.”

The repair was only supposed to take a few weeks, but every time the car was supposed to be fixed, the repair date got pushed back again.

“I’m a very patient lady 99% of the time but after four months my patience is really run thin,” Jacobs said.

A real estate agent who works on the road, Jacobs called the dealership at least once a week.

“They kept telling me we don’t have any answers why don’t you try calling Ford.” She called and wrote letters to the Ford Motor Company, the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau— No one could give her a solid answer as to what is taking so long and when it will be fixed.

Two months into the ordeal— the car dealership told Jacobs the parts needed to make the repair are backordered.

“I was told there were 379 of these transmissions on order and I was 279 on the list,” as time went on Jacobs said those numbers kept changing.

She tried to get the car towed elsewhere but it was stuck at the Cortese repair shop.

Jacobs said, “They couldn’t lower it from the lift because the motor was being held up by a post of some sort, so I’d stop in monthly and visit my car.” 

Since December, the car dealership has issued Jacobs three rental cars, Ford will pick up the bill that’s currently at about $3,600.

Jacobs said she appreciates Cortese’s help but none of the rentals are as nice as her car and the two sedans she was loaned did not do well in the snow.

John Cortese, the owner of the dealership said without the parts from Ford, his hands are tied.

“It’s beyond his control and I understand that, I really do but it’s Ford Motor Company, I mean come on,” said Jacobs.

According to Cortese, it’s the parts supplier not the company that’s to blame but Ford does not tell dealers who the suppliers are or where they are located.

Jacobs said Cortese offered to take the car as a trade in but only if she bought another Ford—she declined.

Friday, after 13WHAM contacted Cortese, the dealership notified Jacobs that the transmission arrived that morning and had been fixed by the afternoon.

Cortese said the car would be cleaned and ready for pickup Saturday—it’s news that comes three weeks after Jacobs bought another car.

That vehicle is sitting on the lot of another dealership as she waits to get the Mercury back so she can trade it in.

Jacobs said she is skeptical, but she hopes to be able to get the car and trade it in Saturday.

Woman getting car back after 4 months in shop

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