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Your Stories: Campus ticketing

Updated: Friday, January 24 2014, 10:42 AM EST

Rochester, N.Y. – John Owen taught his last class at Monroe Community College a year ago, but after a visit to campus last month he got an unexpected surprise: a ticket on his car.

"When I came out I got a ticket and didn't bother to read it until I got home because you're never happy to see a ticket,” said Owen. “When I got home and read it I saw it was for an expired inspection. After some thought, it seemed very strange that MCC would be writing tickets for this sort of a thing."

Owen admits his inspection was expired. And a spokesperson for the college said that the practice of ticketing drivers for expired inspections is nothing new. For the past ten years the school has been issuing “MCC tickets” which means the fine is usually less and it doesn’t mean points on a driver’s license.

But when it comes time to pay, where does the money go?

"I wrote the check to Monroe Community College. It seems odd that MCC is doing this and that MCC is keeping the money,” said Owen.

According to the MCC spokesperson, MCC keeps the money and it handles any appeals if someone wishes to contest the ticket.

13WHAM News reached out to both SUNY Geneseo and SUNY Brockport. Campus officers at both schools occasionally ticket drivers for expired inspections. They refer payments and appeals to the local court system.

Your Stories: Campus ticketing

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