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Your Stories: dream wedding turns into nightmare for bride-to-be

Updated: Wednesday, July 10 2013, 04:25 PM EDT

Greece, N.Y. - She has the guy, the diamond ring and thought she had the place to get married on the lake.

But then Tiffany Abbey says when she tried to call Crescent Beach to finalize her wedding plans for June 16th, no one answered her calls or emails.

That's when she began to panic. She didn't want to cancel but was worried she might be left without a place to hold both her ceremony and reception.

She found a new location for her wedding and will send Crescent Beach a certified letter cancelling her plans. She hopes to get her desposit back.

But right now says, she just wants this headache to end.

We did reach the owner of Crescent Beach. Jeff Barry tells us in an email that the restaurant was forced to close for the winter because of financial issues and construction, which he says hurt business more than expected in the fall.
That construction has closed a portion of Edgemere Drive.

Barry admits, the restaurant also has financial issues and says he is working with an attorney to get things worked out.

He says right now the plan is to re-open sometime in May, but he cannot say when. He says because the restaurant was closed, "we haven't had time to contact all of the brides-be-be who have booked weddings."

In a later email he told us the wedding season was still two months away, and
again promised that he would contact brides-to-be and still plans to get the restaurant running again in May.

But for Tiffany, maybe isn't good enough. She says Crescent Beach should have contacted her sooner, to ease her anxiety. When they didn't call back, she says she had to make other plans, because she didn't want her wedding ruined.

She also advises other brides-to-be who have booked weddings there to check their contract and if they plan to cancel, to do it at least 30 days in advance.

Otherwise Tiffany says they could have to pay for 75 percent of their wedding costs.

She won't have her dream wedding on the lake, but Tiffany says right now, she just wants to get married!

Your Stories: dream wedding turns into nightmare for bride-to-be

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