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Your Stories: Mountain of rubble outside Crescent Beach

Updated: Monday, July 14 2014, 06:32 PM EDT

Greece, N.Y. - Some neighbors who live near Crescent Beach aren’t making a mountain out of a molehill when they complain about a pile of rubble in the parking lot.

It is a mountain and they tell us they’re tired of looking at it.

The town of Greece said it has received complaints from neighbors and reached out to owners to get the pile of rubble removed.

The owner tells 13WHAM that the pile is pieces of stone from the old breakwall in front of the restaurant that was replaced with a sturdier wall.

They had hoped it would be removed either this week or next and said it will likely be crushed and re-used.

The town said it will set up a meeting with Crescent Beach owners in two weeks to update the construction issues and help speed the project along.

Town Development Director Gary Tajkowski said it is progressing, but he said it is moving slowly because of design changes and mishaps, like a major water main break.

He said it’s clear owners need help and the town wants to offer it, to get the project going.

The owner of Crescent Beach, John Pietrangelo, showed us the renovations a few months ago and on Monday told us all the drywall is done inside the restaurant and he hopes to build a pavilion outside, complete with restrooms.

The town said owners have obtained the necessary permits, but would have to have inspections and a certificate of compliance before they re-open.

Pietrangelo tells 13WHAM he hopes to open after Labor Day, but said: “I want to do this right. So we are taking our time to get it right.”

He assured us the pile of rubble will be removed in the next week or so.

Joan Boehm just bought a summer home nearby. She said the construction mess doesn’t bother her. She’s just excited about the restaurant re-opening.

She said it’s a short walk for her and she looks forward to having a restaurant on the lake.

Pietrangelo said it will happen. Boehm said she has faith. Other neighbors said they’re all in favor of the project, but will be happy when the construction mess clears, so they can look at a pretty, new restaurant and not a mountain of rubble.

Your Stories: Mountain of rubble outside Crescent Beach

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